Jeremy Moser's 3-part copywriting framework

Marketing Powerup #18: Hook people with your content, teach them something valuable, and connect with them on an emotional level.

If cash is the lifeblood of a business, then the heart of marketing is copywriting.

Get it right, and you have a higher chance of grabbing people’s attention and turning them into customers! 💸

Today, Jeremy Moser shares the 3-part copywriting framework that’s helped him:

  • Grow his Twitter followers from 300 to over 90,000 in 8 months
  • Make millions of dollars for his clients at
  • Become one of Forbes 30 under 30 in Marketing and Advertising!

The three parts of Jeremy’s copywriting framework are hook, lesson, and emotion.

⭐️ Jeremy Moser's 3-part copywriting framework

1. Hook 🪝

The “hook” is the part that helps you grab the attention of a specific audience. With more noise on social channels, your hook is so much more important to get people to stop scrolling.

“On Twitter, there are all these threads and DMs of sales pitches to get you on a demo call,” says Moser. “It’s super noise there!”

Great hooks are focused on the end goal of your audience. What are they trying to achieve? How can you help them achieve that?

If you’re trying to engage people interested in learning effective content distribution strategies, Moser suggests using a hook like: “I’ve helped 100s of companies with their content distribution strategy. Here’s how you can get started…”

Moser’s tips for effective hooks:

  • Tailor it specifically to a given audience.
  • Use data and stats (if possible). Make sure it’s not fake statistics!
  • Showcase your experience and how you can help people achieve a specific goal.

2. Lesson 🤓

You can’t just have an amazing hook and not deliver on it. That’s a bait and switch!

That’s where the lesson portion is important. You build long-term trust when you educate people and help them achieve their goals. You build trust today by providing valuable free information.

“People get concerned with the idea of giving information away for free,” says Moser. “But if you look online, most of the stuff is already free online in blog posts, YouTube videos, and books.”

The key is teaching something your audience will find valuable, not just surface-level stuff. What’s something you can share that your target audience can truly benefit from?

3. Emotion ❤️

Once you’ve taught your audience something, the key to long-term success is connecting with people emotionally beyond educating them.

How do you actually build deeper relationships with people and get them to stick around?

“That comes with some sort of emotion through storytelling. That could be a quick story about your journey of helping people with your product or a a really big customer case study.”

Some of the best copywriting Moser has seen touches on emotions, relationships, and conversations.

Jeremy Moser goes into more detail about his framework in the latest episode of the Marketing Powerups show.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Apply Jeremy’s 3-part copywriting framework to social posts.
  • Find mentors to help you accelerate your marketing career.
  • Increase the number of opportunities available to you.

Watch it on YouTube, or listen to it on Apple Podcast and Spotify now.

As an exclusive free perk for Marketing Powerups subscribers, I’ve created a powerups cheatsheet you can download, fill in, and apply Jeremy Moser’s copywriting framework.

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Marketing Powerups Cheatsheet for Jeremy Moser's 3-part copywriting framework

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