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April Dunford's product storytelling framework.

April Dunford shares her four-part product storytelling framework for creating sales pitches that resonate with buyers and get them to complete the purchase.

Some of the marketing insights you'll learn from April include:

  1. Why “The Hero’s Journey” story framework isn’t effective at closing deals.
  2. April’s 4-part product story framework.
  3. How HelpScout pitches its product using this framework.
  4. April’s one piece of advice to help marketers accelerate their careers.

Check out April's product storytelling framework.

Kevin Indig's marketing-led SEO strategy.

Kevin Indig (Shopify, G2, Atlassian) shares the marketing-led SEO levers that Adobe used to double its organic traffic in just 12 months.

What you'll learn from Kevin:

  1. The difference between product-led and marketing-led SEO.
  2. The top marketing-led SEO growth levers.
  3. Adobe’s winning organic growth strategy.
  4. Two things have helped accelerate Kevin’s career.

Check out Kevin's marketing-led SEO strategy.

Katelyn Bourgoin's 5 F’s of creating un-ignorable content

Katelyn Bourgoin shares the secret to creating un-ignorable content that will stop people dead in their tracks and make them perk up and pay attention.

The marketing powerups you'll learn from Katelyn include:

  1. The 5 F's of attention.
  2. Real-world examples of each of those F's.
  3. One piece of tip that helped accelerate Katelyn's career.

Check out Katelyn's 5 F's of creating un-ignorable content.


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